“Experience healthcare from the comfort of your home with our convenient telehealth visits. Connect with our expert professionals remotely for personalized care and support. Your well-being is just a click away.”

  • Telehealth provides convenient access to healthcare services remotely and allows for timely consultations.
  • Telehealth offers several benefits, including increased accessibility to healthcare, reduced travel time for patients, improved convenience, and the ability to monitor and manage chronic conditions remotely.

Lotus Behavioral Health uses a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform to provide diagnostic assessments, medication management, and psychotherapy.

Telehealth appointments require a strong internet connection and a device such as, a cell phone, laptop, or desktop computer.

Our staff will send specific directions on how to access the telehealth appointment and download the necessary application.

If you are a new or established patient who is interested in scheduling a telehealth visit, please call us at: 202-370-6872.

Lotus Behavioral Health Telehealth image